Contract Vault is an online product that allows you to draft, sign & manage property contracts from any device (laptop, tablet or phone).

We have created a solution that takes all the annoying admin out of rental leases by creating a user-friendly and efficient online system. Contract Vault can take your leases in any form or file type. We can store multiple lease types for you, even telling you when a lease is about to expire.

Contract Vault is free to join. You can freely draft leases - only once you send a lease out for signing do you get charged a once-off fee. Once you have signed, your contract is stored securely on a server at DocuSign.

The fee for the contract is paid by the agency that drafted the lease.

As the drafter you are emailed an invoice immediately, allowing you to track costs and assign them to the appropriate transaction. Our system is built to allow you to use as many different lease types as you want and only you can see all your different leases.

We're accepting clients.

We have tightened all the bolts and the machine is humming along nicely. We are ready for you to join the service. If you are in South Africa click here or click here to go to the UK website. Once you send an email, we will contact you to set up a time to talk and we can consult on your requirements at no expense to you. If yours is a general query not linked to SA or the UK, then please fill in your email address here and we will get back to you.

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